Agile Coaching

Developing friendly and inspiring workplaces is important in the coming New Work era. Having a team of professionals using their skills appropriately while maintaining a healthy work-life balance is key to modern companies, which want to hire and keep diverse and open-minded people to tackle the problems of our VUCA world.

I help your organization to adopt an agile mindset. Together we will clarify your core values and reduce unnecessary administrative and bureaucratic overhead, letting managers focus and their domains and helping their teams achieve their goals.

My contributions to your organization might include:

  • Coaching management in agile practices and methods (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, LeSS)
  • Holding workshops on iterative workflows (How & Why)
  • Acting as a change agent and coach in departments
  • Facilitate retrospectives or other agile (Scrum) events
  • Acting as an on-site full/part-time Scrum Master (CSMĀ®)
  • Helping with on-/off-boarding of team members

Expanding the agile work domain in your organization is a process which requires respect for the old ways, time for people to adapt and emotional support to those, which fear change the most. Only by listening to your workforces concerns, ideas & wishes you'll be able to reduce impediments and barriers.

My offer includes all of my above contributions, from which you can pick what you might think serves your organization best. If you have ideas you like to talk about first, feel free to contact me and we find a way together.

Our contract will run from a small minimum of just two weeks up to one year and we can negotiate early exits if this is beneficial to you.